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How to register as a soybean exporter to China

FYI, according to GMO regulation here in China, the US soybean exporter should obtain a Safety Certificate from MoA by submitting the following documents:

1) A registration form (it can be downloaded from MoA's website, but note it is all in Chinese. Use the link  

to download the forms. The form is the third item from the top under 'Science & Education Department', that is for a) foreign exporter (not a seed developer) and b) for the purpose of 'processing' not 'research, test and production'.

2) A copy of Safety Certificate issued by MoA to Monsanto (RR/RR2Y) or Bayer (LL) (RR2Y and LL will only be available in MY09/10, please visit their websites for detailed information)

3) A letter to MoA detailing all the necessary safety precaution measures in delivering the beans to Chinese customers to avoid the escape of GMO beans to Chinese environment (no standardized wordings are available, but the exporter should promise to do something to prevent such escape during loading, transportation, discharging, etc. )

It would be better if the exporter can find an importer to apply for the registration and safety certificate in China.


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