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ExIm Bank

ExIm is short for The Export-Import Bank of The United States.  It is a US Government organization whose mission is to increase US jobs by supporting the export of US goods and services.  All eligible exports must be at least 51% U.S. content.  

ExIm offers support by insuring that if your importer does not pay you, the U.S. Government will pay you 95% of the bottom line invoice.  That enables you, the exporter to compete more effectively by not requiring cash in advance or expensive letters of credit.  This product enables your company to sell on open account terms to your foreign buyer, backed by the full faith and credit of the US government.  

So how can agriculture exporters benefit?

1.  You can sell on open account with assurance that you will be paid
2.  You can market your products into markets that you might deem too risky
3.  You can pledge these insured foreign receivables to your bank as collateral in a borrowing base, or for discount
4.  You can increase your sales by offering more attractive terms to your buyers
5.  You ONLY pay for the insurance AFTER YOU SHIP, therefore you never purchase insurance you do not need
6.  You can sleep at night knowing that you will be paid
7.  You work though a broker who is committed to your success through export  

If you have less than 500 employees and you export $5,000,000 per year average over 2 years you will qualify for ExIm's Small Business Policy.  If you do not qualify as a small business you can still utilize the ExIm programs through the standard policy.

For additional information ExIm Programs, see the links below. 

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Global Business Solutions


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