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Certificates of Free Sale

A certificate of free sale is sometimes required for certain items to enter foreign countries. It basically states that a product is known to be sold freely in North Carolina. The Certificate of Free Sale is signed by a governing body such as the NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, your local Chamber of Commerce, or other organization.

North Carolina companies exporting food or drug products and requiring a Certificate of Free Sale may contact the Food & Drug Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Please call 919-733-7366 and ask for the "Compliance Officer for Certificates of Free Sale".

The information you will need to provide is:

  • Name of the firm NCDA & CS Food & Drug Protection inspects
  • Physical Address of that firm
  • Name to send attention to
  • Mailing Address if different than the firm
  • If you are a manufacturer, include the list of products required on the certificate
  • Number of Certificate/s needed
  • FedEx/UPS account number


  • An invoice will be included with the certificate
  • Turnaround for certificates is seven (7) to ten (10) business days
  • There are two options for a Free Sale Certificate
  1. A basic certificate with signature only- $3
  2. A certificate with signature plus additional information (notarized and/or NC gold seal)- $8

Who to contact:

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