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Based on discussions during the December QAS Conference, it is apparent that some confusion exists on the interpretation of Downy mildew and mold-like substance in soybeans.

After careful consideration of the comments and recognizing the importance of uniformity, we have decided to revise the caption card for ILS SB-8.0, "Mold Damage," to draw attention to the minimum thickness or density of the mass being depicted: the mold present must be sufficiently concentrated to meet the minimum shown on ILS SB-8.0, kernel B. TO BE CONSIDERED DAMAGE, SURFACE MOLD MUST MEET THE DUAL SELECTION CRITERIA (I.E., COVER 50 PERCENT OR MORE OF THE SEEDCOAT AND MEET THE MINIMUM DEGREE OF CONCENTRATION).

To acheive uniformity in the interpretation of mold-like substance, since there is no visual reference (and no reason to create one), it is necessary to revise the explanation of mold-like substance in Book II, Chapter 10, Soybeans, page 10-22. Standards and Procedures Branch has been notified of the needed change and intends to incorporate it into the revised Book II that will be distributed sometime this year. In the interim, please advise inspection personnel to make a pen-and-ink change to the description of mold-like substance so that it reads as follows:

Mold-Like Substance. Whole soybeans which are 50 percent or more covered and pieces of soybeans which are discolored, to any degree, and contain 50 percent or more coverage with a mold-like substance. In either instance, the mold-like substance present must be sufficiently concentrated to meet the minimum thickness or density shown on ILS SB-8.0, kernel B.

Direct questions regarding caption card ILS SB-8.0 to the following individuals:

  • David Lowe, TSD, BAR, (816)891-0418
  • Dave Grady, FMD, SPB, (202)720-4227

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