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NCDA&CS - Marketing Division - Western North Carolina Farmers Market


market layout map

As you can see from the sketch, there are fourteen buildings in the Farmers Market complex. In order to make your visit easier and quicker, you may read here to determine just where you wish to go to find your needs, prior to arrival. You are however, invited to stay as long as you like, and visit every area to find everything you ever expected at a farmers market, and more.

As you enter the market, there will be a gatehouse on your left, and our Administrative Offices, (Building #1) on your right. You are welcome to stop by either should you have questions about the market, otherwise you will proceed to find the following:

No. 2 - Garden Center - This is by far, one of the best garden centers in the Asheville area. Jesse Israel and Sons Garden Center provides high quality plants, trees, shrubs and garden supplies year-round.

No. 3 - Retail Building "A" - Here is a 12,384 sq. ft. enclosed building where vendors sell everything from fresh produce to handcrafted items. A Deli is also located in this building with offerings such as sandwiches and ice cream. This building is open seven days a week - all year.

No. 4 - Retail Building "B" - This is a 12,000 sq. ft. building that is also enclosed and open all year, seven days a week. Like Building "A", local vendors sell locally produced farm products, as well as many items that are not grown in North Carolina. Both of these buildings provide excellent opportunities for gift shopping or finding handcrafted items with that Smoky Mountain Heritage.

No. 5 - Farmers Truck Shed #1 - This is a 10,000 sq. ft. open shed containing 32 spaces for certified farmers who sell only what they grow - directly to the consumer. You can come to this building to find "fresh produce-straight from the farm," and you can talk to the grower who produced the farm produce.

No. 6 - Drive-Thru Truck Shed #2 - The drive-thru building consists of 23,544 sq. ft. with 50 spaces. You may drive or walk through this area to find wholesale quantities of fruits and vegetables year-round. Some sellers are farmers and some are dealers who buy and resale commodities not grown in-state. The public is welcome here.

No. 7 - Truck Shed #3 - A 6,875 sq. ft. open shed with 22 spaces that are rented to farmers and dealers on a year-round basis.

No. 8 - Wholesale Building #1 - This building contains four separate units, each containing 5, 580 sq. ft. We have 3 wholesale tenants who lease these spaces on a semi-permanent basis. These wholesale suppliers offer produce all year to grocery stores, restaurants, institutions and roadside markets.

No. 9 - Small Dealers Building - This building is leased to small dealers who operate year-round. There are 9 units of 550 sq. ft. each, plus 6 storage units in the building. You may wish to visit this area to look for specialty items.

No. 10 - Wholesale Building #2 - A local produce company operates out of this 7,758 sq. ft. building and leases it all year. They supply food service outlets throughout the area.

No. 11 - Truck Shed #4 - This open shed building has 34 spaces that are rented seasonally to local farmers and dealers. It has a total of 12,415 sq. ft.

No. 12 - This is an open area where farmers come in to park their trucks and sell Watermelons and Peaches when they are "in season".

No. 13 - Truck Shed #5 - This is our newest truck shed, and is used very much the same as building #11. It has a total of 17,500 sq. ft.

No. 14 - Restaurant - "Moose Cafe" - The restaurant is located just South of the main entrance to the market, on Brevard Road, (Highway 191). Here, you can have three home cooked meals daily, featuring fresh from the market vegetables. You may wish to dine and enjoy the beautiful surrounding mountains, plus get a view of portions of the Biltmore Estate. You will certainly want to frequent the "Moose Cafe" often.

Once you have visited the WNC Farmers Market, you will continue to come back at every opportunity. The atmosphere, fresh produce, and wide variety will entertain you for hours.

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NCDA&CS Western North Carolina (WNC) Farmers Market , Doug Sutton, Market Manager
Mailing Address:570 Brevard Road - Asheville, North Carolina 28806
Phone: (828) 253-1691 FAX: (828) 252-2025