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Rules and Regulations

  • No material may be added to the arena footing of any ring on the grounds.
    • A) Livestock cannot be kept and fed in any arena. A $500.00 fine will be administered if hay and grain are placed in arena footing
    • B) Non-livestock events must leave arena footing as it is found - level and clean from foreign objects or debris

  • Shavings supplied from outside sources are not allowed. All shavings used must be purchased from the Ag Center.
  • No glass containers, bottles, etc. on the grounds.
    • A) No fireworks in coliseum

  • No helium filled balloons/items in the coliseum.

  • Arena equipment for preparing the footing will be supplied by the facility.

  • Manure is to be placed in designated receptacles only, No cleaning of trailers in the parking lots.

  • Horses should stay within the courtyard arenas and other facility riding areas. Horses are not allowed in the paved parking lot or landscaped grass areas on the East and West sides of the coliseum as well as the front entrance.

  • Washing and Bathing of horses is to be done in designated wash racks, located in the center of each barn unit.

  • Barn Aisles and Door Ways must remain clear and passable at all times.
    Stall guards on each stall door must be closed and latched when unattended.

  • Dogs - No dogs in the coliseum. All dogs on the grounds must be on leash and controlled at all times.
    Vaccination records must be made available upon request.

  • Food services are handled by the catering/restaurant operator of the facility. They have exclusive rights to the services offered in the coliseum. (if your event would like to customize something on the menu or request a certain item, this may be done through the facility manager and restaurant operator).

  • Parking:
    • Autos-all automobiles should be parked in the paved parking areas.
    • Trucks & Trailers - all horse/livestock transportation equipment will be parked in an organized manner in the parking lots located North of the barns and any over flow will be parked West of the drainage embankment.
    • Campers/RV's - all campers, RV's, and mobile units requiring electric and/or water hook-up will be parked in the designated areas and charged for their use.
    • You may be required to have at least _________ attendants at the opening of show.
    • No vehicles in the facility courtyard

  • SAFETY - Show management will take all precautions and reasonable steps necessary to ensure the safety of the public, exhibitors, and animals.

  • Stall Audit - A facility staff and a representative from the show management will conduct a stall count. All stalls used will be charged.

  • Payment for the use of the facility and extra services desired or required by the show will be paid in full the last day of the event.

  • WASTE:
    • No Glass containers, bottles, etc. on the grounds
    • Manure will be placed in receptacles outside each barn doorway. (excessive manure in other areas may result in cleaning charge)
    • All trash to be placed in the containers provided around the site
    • Medical Waste to be placed in receptacles inside each barn aisle.

  • All horses must have a current, negative E.I.A. (Coggins) test. All other livestock shall be free of infectious and/or contagious disease, confirmed by a Veterinarians Current Health Certificate.

  • There is a NC State Revenue Amusement Tax of 3% of gross reciepts. The Ag Center has the forms for you to fill-out and file. It is the events' responsibility to file and pay!

  • You are required to have_________uniformed law enforcement officers on duty for your event. Security may be arranged by calling Dan Gibbs, Sheriff, Martin Co. Sheriff's Office (252-789-4500). The hourly rate is determined by the Sheriff's Office.

  • You are required to have_________EMT personnel on duty for your event. EMT's may be arranged by calling James B. Peele, Chief, Williamston Fire & Rescue (252-792-3521). The hourly rate is determined by Williamston Fire & Rescue.

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Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center
2900 NC Hwy 125 South
Williamston, NC 27892
Phone: 252-792-5802
Toll Free: 1-888-792-5802
Fax: 252-792-5892