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North Carolina Spinach

North Carolina SpinachSpinach is a mild-flavored vegetable with succulent leaves that is a welcome sign of spring. It is a source of Vitamin A. It is rich in iron, calcium and protein. Spinach can be grown as a spring and a fall crop.

Spinach can have either flat or slightly crinkled leaves. It is often available as baby spinach, which is especially useful for salads.

It is thought to have originated in Persia, and by the 15th century was cultivated in gardens in Europe. In China, it has long been a popular vegetable, grown on the edges of rice paddies and called "Chinese herbs"; in India, spinach is known as "China flower".

North Carolina Spinach Growers/Shipper List

Cooling/Storage Requirements of North Carolina Spinach

Suitable Cooling Method(s)

Room Cooling

Optimum Temp ºF


Freezing Temp ºF


Optimum Humidity %


Normal Storage Life

10-14 days

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