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North Carolina Snow Peas

North Carolina Snow PeasThe French name for this tender legume is mange-tout, meaning, "eat it all." The pods are flat, soft and translucent, with tiny, almost unnoticeable sweet peas inside. Snow peas are also known as Chinese snow peas.

Snow peas, like all peas, are a type of legume. The edible, flat pods contain five to seven seeds and can reach a length of two to three inches. Snow peas are available year round, and are especially abundant and fresh in the spring and summer.

North Carolina Snow Peas Growers/Shipper List

Cooling/Storage Requirements of North Carolina Snow Peas

Suitable Cooling Method(s)

Room Cooling, HydroCooling

Optimum Temp ºF


Freezing Temp ºF


Optimum Humidity %


Normal Storage Life

1-2 weeks

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