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North Carolina Celery

North Carolina CeleryMost celery grown commercially in the United States belongs to several green varieties that range in color from light to dark green; all are referred to as Pascal.

Celery should keep for 2 to 3 months if stored in rooms held uniformly at 32ºF.

However, less celery is stored now than in former years. Since wilting is a major cause of deterioration, it is best to store celery at very high relative humidity (98 to 100 %) and with sufficient air circulation to keep temperatures at the top and bottom of the room as nearly equal as possible.

North Carolina Celery Growers/Shipper List

Cooling/Storage Requirements of North Carolina Celery

Suitable Cooling Method(s)

Room Cooling

Optimum Temp ºF


Freezing Temp ºF


Normal Storage Life

1-2 months

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