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North Carolina Broccoli

North Carolina BroccoliA close relative of cauliflower, broccoli has grown wild in Mediterranean areas for hundreds of years; domestic broccoli was first cultivated in the United States in the 1920's. Since then, it has become one of the best-selling members of the Brassica genus family (which also includes cabbage, brussels sprouts, and other so-called cruciferous vegetables).

The most common type of broccoli sold in the U.S. is called sprouting, or Italian green, broccoli; its light-green stalks are topped by umbrella-shaped clusters of purplish-green florets. It is also known as Calabrese, after the Italian province of Calabria, where it was first grown.

North Carolina Broccoli Growers/Shipper List

Cooling/Storage Requirements of North Carolina Broccoli

Suitable Cooling Method(s)


Optimum Temp ºF

32 ºF

Freezing Temp ºF

31 ºF

Optimum Humidity %

95-100 %

Normal Storage Life

2 weeks

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