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The North Carolina Potato Association is the oldest commodity association in North Carolina. The Association was formed in 1928 by a group of potato growers in Northeast North Carolina who decided this was an avenue to take to get area potato growers to work together. The potato growers' intention was to form an organization that would provide funds for the improvement of their potato industry by means of research and promotion of their potato crop.

The Association has an elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors that handle the decision making process. Elected representatives from the Association attend meetings of the National Potato Promotion Board and the National Potato Council. Committees are appointed by the President to handle different aspects of business operations such as promotion planning. The North Carolina Potato Association is a non-profit organization facilitated by rules and regulations prescribed by the Board of Directors.

The major production area of commercially grown Irish potatoes in North Carolina is in the coastal plain near the rivers and salt water sounds. The highly productive, fertile soils, mild temperatures and ample rainfall provide an ideal situation for potato production.

The home office of the North Carolina Potato Association is in Elizabeth City, North Carolina at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Service Northeast Marketing Center. NCDA & CS marketing specialists work with the North Carolina Potato Association to assist in promoting their crop statewide and across the United States and Canada.

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For more information about North Carolina potatoes or about the North Carolina Potato Association
please contact:

Tommy Fleetwood
NCDA & CS Marketing Supervisor
Northeast Marketing Center
P.O. Box 2066
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Ph: 252-331-4773
fax: 252-331-4775