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The North Carolina Aquaculture Association is a private non-profit corporation formed in 1991. Its purposes are to provide support through promotion, marketing, and other beneficial acts to strengthen, expand, and diversify the industries of freshwater and marine aquaculture in North Carolina.

Subject to prior approval, the Association may take a position and press an opinion on issues directly and generally affecting the aquaculture industry.

PowerPoint presentations from the NCAA’s 2014 Producer Update
Please click on the title of the presentation to download a pdf. copy of the PowerPoint by each presenter’s name:

NCAA Summer Producer Meeting Agenda & Location Info – September 3rd, 2014

Welcome from NCAA President – Randy Gray NCAA State Updates – NCAA Board
Sponsored Lunch by the NC Aquaculture Association

NCDA&CS, Licensing & Permitting Proposals – Pete Anderson

USDA-APHIS, Aquatic Animal Health – Dr. Scott Squires

NCDA Food & Drug, HACCP and On-Farm Inspections – Anita MacMullan

NC Farm Bureau, US & NC Ag Policy Update – Debbie Hamrick

USDA-FSA Insurance Coverage Insight – Clif Parker

Northeast NCCE Area Update – Steve Gabel

Southeast NCCE Area Update – Mike Frinsko

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