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NCDA&CS Hay Alert

Deadline for Ag and Equine Partners Hay Relief Program was May 1

Through generous donations from North Carolina citizens, churches, civic groups and agriculture-related organizations, and an allocation from the North Carolina Council of State, funds were available to defray some of the cost associated with transportation of hay from outside North Carolina. The dates of delivery qualifying for the program were July 1, 2007, through April 30, 2008. Reimbursements were made on a first-come, first-served basis, but all applications must have been postmarked by May 1.

The Ag and Equine Partners Hay Relief Program provided cost-share assistance at a rate of 50 cents per mile round trip or $1 per loaded mile, up to $500 per load.

For eligibility and application guidelines, read below or download a copy here (PDF file).

How the Program Works

  • These funds are available to reimburse farmers for hay brought in from outside North Carolina and delivered between July 1, 2007, and April 30, 2008. 
  • To be eligible to receive reimbursement for transportation costs, a buyer of hay or forage must submit an Ag & Equine Partners Transportation Reimbursement Request form, along with all pertinent transportation documentation.  Farmers should retain a copy of the bill of lading or transportation receipt for their records. 
  • Applicants will be limited to cost share reimbursement on a total of 4 loads. All applications must be postmarked by April 30, 2008.
  • Applicants who have already received reimbursement under the program can still apply for only a maximum of 4 total loads.
  • Hay or forage product must be baled and the load must weigh at least 10,000 pounds, (an estimated 200 small or 14 large bales).
  • Applicants can utilize their own transportation (use their own truck, tractor-trailer, etc.), but should submit hay purchase documentation in place of transportation documents.
  • Hauls must be a minimum of 50 miles one way. Reimbursement will be based on $0.50 per roundtrip mile or $1.00 per loaded mile with a maximum of $500 per load.

Applying for Funds

Application deadline was May 1.

Completed Reimbursement Request forms must include the following information:
*Funds are limited and incomplete applications may mean you do not receive payment if funds run out.

  1. Applicant name (matching the Social Security/Federal Farm Tax ID number provided below)
  2. Applicant mailing address and telephone number (cell number if available)
  3. NC Farm ID Premises Identification Number
  4. Social Security or Federal Farm Tax ID Number for 1099 (not the tax exempt number)
  5. Size of livestock operation
  6. Seller information
  7. Transportation information, including cost; farmers are encouraged to keep a copy of the bill of lading or receipt
  8. Date(s) of delivery
  9. Number of loaded or roundtrip miles the forage was transported
  10. Number of large or small bales transported
  11. Delivery and origination locations
  12. Signature and date of application

Additional Information

Individuals who want to know more about the Department’s Hay Relief Programs are encouraged to visit the Hay Alert Web site at or call the toll-free Hay Alert Hotline at 1-866-506-6222. 

The Department reserves the right to deny or limit the reimbursement if an applicant’s transportation expenses appear to be unreasonably excessive, and to request additional information or documentation before making eligibility determinations. The ultimate discretion for eligibility determinations belongs to the Department, and determinations are final once they are rendered. 

The Department reserves the right to amend or further clarify the procedures and guidelines of the Ag and Equine Partners Hay Relief Program in order to ensure fair and timely management of the program.  Any known cases of fraud or abuse of the program will be prosecuted or pursued to the fullest extent of criminal and civil law.


Call the Hay Alert hotline at 1-866-506-6222 weekdays.

Our Thanks to Organizations and Individuals Contributing to Ag and Equine Partners

List of Donors

Updated May 6, 2008

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