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Food & Drug Protection Division


Division Administrative Staff

Anita MacMullan, Director
Vacant, Food Administrator
Vacant, Dairy Administrator
George R. Ferguson, Feed Administrator
Jeremy Evans, Drug Administrator
Ron Willett, Laboratory Manager/State Chemist
Pam Witt, Division Administrative Officer
Wynn Pearce, Administrative Officer
Patsy Slaughter, Administrative Assistant
Shelly McIntyre, Processing Assistant IV
David Mitchell, Business and Technology Application Technician
Billy Tarpey, Facility Maintenance Supervisor
Matt Nelson, Maintenance Mechanic
Debbie Blevins, Processing Assistant III
Kim Fears, Receptionist

Feed Branch Administrative Staff

George R. Ferguson, Feed Administrator
Miriam Johnson, Lead Feed Compliance Officer
Vacant, Feed Registration and Labeling Compliance Specialist
Jessica Gore, FSMA Trainer
Spencer Williams, Feed Inspector Supervisor
Michelle Powell, AFRPS Coordinator
Elizabeth Glass, Administrative Secretary
Justin Jones, Processing Assistant III

Food Branch Administrative Staff

Vacant, Food Administrator
Daniel Gaines, Compliance & Response Administrator
Joan R. Sims, Food Compliance Supervisor
Minoo Mehrotra, Technical Trainer III
Sandra Saunders, Food Compliance Officer
Tracie Davis, Food Compliance Officer
Sean Silva, Food Compliance Officer
Phadma Bhattacharjee, Food Compliance Officer
Ann Wierzbicki, Regulatory Programs Coordinator
Pam McGee, Food Compliance Officer Quality Specialist
Laura Cain, Food Regulatory Supervisor
Chris Packer, Food Regulatory Supervisor
John Marshall, Food Regulatory Supervisor
Susan Parrish, Food Regulatory Supervisor
Chris Harris, Agriculture Program Specialist
Bill Bruton, Food Regulatory Specialist-Egg Program
Cynthia Atkinson, Administrative Secretary
Michelle Shallington, Processing Assistant III
Nichelle Daniel, Processing Assistant III

Grade A Milk Branch Adminstrative Staff

Vacant, Dairy Administrator
Amy Zimmerman, Dairy Compliance Officer
Jeff Richardson, Regional Environmental Health Specialist
Joe Briscoe, Regional Environmental Health Specialist
Mike Dennis, Regional Environmental Health Specialist
Chuck Wood, Regional Environmental Health Specialist
Ginger Wilborn, Regional Environmental Health Specialist
Rick Woodard, NCIMS Rating Officer

Drug Section Administrative Staff

Jeremy Evans, Drug Administrator
Bob Braswell, Drug Specialist
Ed Lukeman, Drug Specialist
Shannon Redd, Information Processing Technician

Laboratory Administrative Staff

Ron Willett, Laboratory Manager/State Chemist
Bob McIntyre, Organic Laboratory Section Supervisor
Reagan Converse, Chief Microbiologist
Teresa Grant, Food, Feed, Forage, & Fertilizer Laboratory Section Supervisor

Quality Assurance Staff

Ron Willett, Laboratory Manager/State Chemist
Brenda Jackson, Quality Systems Manager
Nicole Smalls, QA Specialist
Patrica Mascarelli, QA Specialist


NCDA&CS Food & Drug Protection Division, Audrey Pilkington, Director
Mailing Address: 1070 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1070
Physical Address: 4000 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh NC 27607-6465
Phone: (919) 733-7366; FAX: (919) 733-6801

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