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Origin of USDA School Program 'Brown Box' Foods for School Year 2018-2019


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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100206Apple SlicesKnouse Foods Inc-Chambersburg PA
Knouse Foods Inc-Peach Glen PA
110361Applesauce Cup Burnette Foods
Burnette Foods Inc-Hartford MI
Cherry C Coop/indian Summer
Knouse Foods Inc-Orrtanna PA
National Fruit Prod-Winchester VA
110541AppleSauce unsweetened Burnette Foods
Knouse Foods Inc-Peach Glen PA
National Fruit Prod-Winchester VA

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100371Beans Baby LimaBurnette Foods/new Era Foods-New Era MI
100359Beans Black Turtle Packer's Can/honee Bear-Lawton MI
100368Beans BlkeyeHanover Food-Hanover PA
100307Beans GreenBurnette Foods/new Era Foods-New Era MI
Delmonte Food/del Monte #107-Plover WI
100351Beans Green FrzInn/arbre Farms-Walkerville MI
Inn/twin City Foods-Lake Odessa MI
100365Beans PintoBurnette Foods/new Era Foods-New Era MI
Commercial Lynk/packers Caning-Lawton MI
Packer's Can/honee Bear-Lawton MI
100362Beans RefriedTeasdale Foods Inc. - Hoopeston
100364Beans VegBurnette Foods/new Era Foods-New Era MI
Packer's Can/honee Bear-Lawton MI
100134Beef Crumb SppDon Lee Farms-Inglewood CA
100158Beef Fine Ground FRZBarrios/cherry Meat-Chicago IL
Caviness Beef/palo Duro Meat-Amarillo TX
Cherry Meat Packers Inc-Chicago IL
110711Beef Patty Cooked Frz 2.0 MMA No SoyCargill Meat-Columbus NE
Don Lee Farms-Inglewood CA
Proportion Foods/round Rock TX
110348BEEF SPP PTY 85/15 FRZ 2.0 MMA Caviness Beef/palo Duro Meat-Amarillo TX
Cherry Meat Packers Inc-Chicago IL
110322Beef Spp Pty Hstyle Ckd 2.0 MMA Don Lee Farms-Inglewood CA
100242Blueberries WildCherryfield/maine Wild-Machias ME
Maine Wild Blueberry Co.
110473Broccoli Frz Ctn Inn/cebro Frzn Foods-Newman CA

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100309CarrotsDelmonte Food/del Monte #107-Plover WI
100352Carrots FrzInn Foods/michigan Freeze Pack-Hart MI
Inn/bonduelle America-Fairwater WI
Inn/pasco Processing Llc-Pasco WA
100201Catfish Strips Brd Par-FriedConsolidated Catfish Co-Isola MS
100036Cheese Blend Amer Skm Yel SlcBongards Creameries-Humboldt TN
Bongards-Norwood MN
100012Cheese Ched RDU Fat Yel ShredMasters Gallery Foods-Plymouth WI
100003Cheese Ched Yel ShredAmpi-Portage WI
Dfa-West Middlesex PA
100034Cheese Moz Lite Shred Frz BoxLeprino Foods Dairy-Roswell NM
Miceli Dairy Products-Cleveland OH
Saputo Cheese Usa Inc-Tulare CA
110396Cheese Moz LM PT SKM String Box Baker Cheese Factory, Inc.
Miceli Dairy Products-Cleveland OH
100018Cheese Process Yel Slc LvsBongards Creameries-Humboldt TN
Bongards-Norwood MN
100228Cherries Red Tarted PittedPacker's Can/honee Bear-Lawton MI
100098Chicken Cutup FrzOk Foods-Heavener OK
Pilgrim's Pride-Hickory KY
100101Chicken DicedCrider Inc-Stillmore GA
110921Chicken Fillets Unbrd Frz (NEW)Pilgrim's Pride-Waco TX
110080Chicken Oven Roasted Frz 8 pc ctnPilgrim's Pride-Waco TX
Tyson Foods Inc-New Holland PA
110462Chicken Strips Frz Ctn Crider Inc-Stillmore GA
Keystone Foods Usa Proteins
100117Chix Fajita StripsBarrios Distributing/crider-Stillmore GA
Crider Inc-Stillmore GA
Tyson Foods Inc-Springdale AR
100348Corn FrzInn/bonduelle America-Fairwater WI
Seneca Foods Corp-Rochester MN
100313Corn WK GoldenDelmonte Food/del Monte #107-Plover WI
110723Cranberries Dried Stutz Packing/stutz Packing Co-Indio CA

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
110931Egg Patty Rnd Frz Cargill Kitchen Solutions
110845Eggs Liq Frz Deb-El/deb El Foods-Thompsonville NY
Newburg Egg Corp-Woodridge NY

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
110851FISH AK POLLOCK STICKS BRD FRZTrident/trident Seafoods-Akutan AK

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
110859Mixed Berry Frz Cups (NEW)Dole Packaged-Atwater CA
Tabatchnick Fine Foods Inc
100212Mixed Fruit Canned,Extra Light SyrupPacific Coast Producers-Lodi CA
110871Mixed Veg Frz (NEW)Inn/arbre Farms-Walkerville MI
Seneca Foods Corp-Rochester MN

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100277Orange Juice Single CtnGregory Packaging Inc-Newark NJ
Gregory Packaging Inc-Newnan GA
M & B Products Inc.-Tampa FL
110651ORANGE JUICE SINGLE FRZ CUPCountry Pure Foods Inc-Deland FL
Gregory Packaging Inc-Newnan GA
M & B Products Inc.-Tampa FL

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100220Peaches Cl DicedDelmonte Food/del Monte #1-Modesto CA
Pacific Coast Producers-Lodi CA
100219Peaches Cling Slc Delmonte Food/del Monte #1-Modesto CA
Pacific Coast Producers-Lodi CA
100241Peaches Cup FrzDole Packaged-Atwater CA
Palmetto Processing Solutions
110854Peanut Butter Smooth PKG Ameriqual/thermo Pac-Stone Mtn GA
100226Pears HalvesDelmonte Food/del Monte #125-Yakima WA
The Neil Jones Food Company-Vancouver WA
100224Pears SlicesDelmonte Food/del Monte #125-Yakima WA
Pacific Coast Producers-Lodi CA
The Neil Jones Food Company-Vancouver WA
100225Pears, Diced Delmonte Food/del Monte #1-Modesto CA
The Neil Jones Food Company-Vancouver WA
100315PeasHanover Food-Hanover PA
Seneca Foods Corp-Cambria WI
110763Peas Green Frz Hanover Food-Hanover PA
110724Peppers/Onion Blend Frz Inn/dickinson Frozen Foods-Sugar City ID
Inn/national Frozen Foods
100188Pork Ham W Trad Cubed FrzSmithfield - Wichita KS
Smithfield-Wichita KS
100187Pork Ham water Ad Slc FrzJohn Hofmeister & Son-Chicago IL
Rose Packing-Chicago IL
100184Pork Ham Water FrzJohn Hofmeister & Son-Chicago IL
110730Pork Pulled Cooked Don Lee Farms-Inglewood CA
Mistica Plant
100355Potato Wedge FrzMccain Foods Usa-Wisconsin Rapids
100357Potatoes Oven FryMccain Foods Usa-Wisconsin Rapids
Mccain Foods-Easton ME

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100500Rice Brn US # 1 Long Grain ParboiledRiceland Foods Inc-Stuttgart AR

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
110177Spaghetti Sauce Meatless PouchNeil Jones Food/toma Tek-Firebaugh CA
110425Spinach Chopped Frz IQF Mc Call Farms Inc-Effingham SC
110861SQUASH BUTTERNUT DICED IQFInn/arbre Farms-Walkerville MI
Inn/pasco Processing Llc-Pasco WA
100254Strawberries Slc FrzFrozsun Foods-Santa Maria CA
110860Strawberries Sliced unswt IQFFrozsun Foods-Santa Maria CA
100256Strawberry Cup Del Mar Food Products-Watsonville CA
Frozsun Foods-Santa Maria CA
Wawona Frozen Foods
Wawona Frozen Foods-Clovis CA
100317Sweet Potatoes W/SyrupMoody Dunbar, Inc-Dunn NC
110562Sweet Potatoes Chunk Frz Inn/cardinal Foods
110721Sweet Potatoes Crinkle Cut Frz Inn Foods/trinity Frzn Foods-Pembroke NC

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
100329Tomato Diced CnRed Gold Inc\red Gold-Geneva IN
110186Tomato Salsa Low Sodium PouchNeil Jones Food/toma Tek-Firebaugh CA
100121Turkey Breast Deli FrzJennie-O-Willmar MN
110554Turkey Breast Deli Sliced Frz Jennie-O-Willmar MN
110910Turkey Breast Smkd Slc Frz (NEW)Cargill Meat-Nebraska City
110911Turkey Ham Smkd Slc Frz (NEW)Jennie-O-Pelican Rapids MN
John Hofmeister & Son-Chicago IL
100125Turkey RoastCargill Meat-Timberville VA
Jennie-O-Pelican Rapids MN
100119Turkey Taco FillingJennie-O-Pelican Rapids MN
Jtm Provisions Co., Inc.-Harrison OH

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Material #Material NameVendor(s)
110400Yogurt Hi Protein Blueberry Cup-24/4 OzChobani-Newberlinny
110401Yogurt Hi Protein Strawberry Cup-24/4 OzChobani-Newberlinny
110398Yogurt Hi Protein Vanilla Tub-6/32 OzChobani-Newberlinny