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(021) License - Commercial License holders may perform structural pest control for hire only for phases which he is licensed. A current insurance policy is also required to conduct business for hire.

(081) Certified Applicator - Certified Applicators are not allowed to perform structural pest control services for hire. To perform structural pest control work for hire, the applicator must be licensed or employed by a licensee.

Structural pest control certification and licensing is divided into three phases (categories)according to the type of work performed. A person may be licensed or certified in any or all phases:

  • Phase P - Household pests (cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, ants, rodents, etc.) by any method other than fumigation.
  • Phase W - Wood-destroying organisms (termites, powderpost beetles, fungi, etc.) by any means other than fumigation.
  • Phase F - Fumigation (to apply pesticides that control pests as a gas). This phase is not required for aerosols, fogs, mists, or ULV/ULD applications.

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Data provided are for informational use only and should not be cited as official government records. Since these data are time-sensitive and subject to change, contact the Structural Pest Control Section (919-733-6100) when official confirmation is needed.


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