Research Outline

The NC Department of Public Instruction, English Language Arts, suggests the following outline for research on any project for students. This is because when content is new, students must be guided in relating the new knowledge to what they already know, organizing, and then practicing that new knowledge. Knowledge can be of two types: declarative (i.e., attributes and rules) or proocedural (i.e., skills and processes). Items of this type are factual, content-specific, and focus on recall of critical information, concepts and procedures. Please look over the following outline and try to use it in conjunction with AG's COOL Activities.

Any activity within AG's COOL will have all the necessary information within the website written by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. If additional research is done to expand knowledge and research skills, please use the following READING outline.

Before Reading During Reading After Reading
Accuracy Style Illustrations Organization

Before Reading

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During Reading

Stop after the first chapter, first few pages or paragraphs for an article. Discuss the following:
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After Reading

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Some other tips on what to look for when researching.


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