Egg Activities

Egg Activities

Dying Eggshells in Living Color Eggshell Pictures
Eggshell Flowers Eggshell Posies

Dying Eggshells in Living Color

1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon vinegar
food coloring

Combine the above ingredients in a small cup. Amount listed is for one color only. Repeat for as many colors as needed. Colors that must be mixed include the following:


Try this: Hold an egg half in the dye and half out to make different color combinations.
Or this: Use a crayon and draw a design on the egg before you dye it. The dye will not stick where the wax was.
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Eggshell Pictures

construction paper

Let child crush eggshells with rolling pin. Prepare dye in colors desired. Place crushed eggshells in cups of dye (see Dying Eggshells in Living Color); remove shells with fork or slotted spoon, and place on paper towels to drain. While the eggshells are drying, children may make glue designs on construction paper. Sprinkle eggshells on wet glue, shaking off excess shell. To make pictures with different colors in specific places, place glue in desired area and sprinkle eggshell. Shake off excess shell; repeat with another color in next area.
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Eggshell Flowers

12-inch green pipe cleaners
skinny vase or glass cola bottle

Dye eggshells in chosen flower colors (see Eggshells in Living Color); turn cut edge down, and dye on paper towel. Poke 1/4-inch hole in bottom of shell. to form stem, take pipe cleaner and bend over 1/2 inch; bend folded part 1/4 inch to form right angle. To connect flower with stem, dab glue on folded stem tip, and pull straight end of pipe cleaner through egg shell until bent tip of pipe cleaner touches inside of eggshell. Let glue dry. Leaves may be made for flowers by twisting another pipe cleaner into leaf shapes and attaching to stem. Arrange tulips in vase.
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Egg Posies

Ring around the roses, a pocket full of posies...or how about a plateful? Give your children a nutritious lunch they will enjoy making as well as eating! Prepare the following ingredeints, and let each child arrange them on a plate:

Grass: Celery Leaves
Stems: Toast, thinly sliced
Flower petals: Hard-cooked eggs, cut in round slices; arrange in circular pattern, overlapping slightly
Flower centers: Cherry tomatoes, halved; or round carrot slices
Leaves: American cheese (square slice), cut in shape of leaves
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bird or grass seed
permanent magic markers (small tip), paint or crayon
small jar (pimento, baby food, etc.)

Carefully tap small end of egg on counter and remove crushed shell; drain contents. Rinse and let dry. Let child fill the inside of shell 3/4 full with soil; sprinkle with seed. Cover seed with soil, filling to eggshell's edge. Paint or draw faces on eggheads. set egghead on mouth of jar for drainage. treat eggheads with "TLC", watering as needed. In no time at all, seed will sprout into "hair!"
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