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5 A Day suggested activities:

  • Have students pick a N.C. fruit or vegetable. Have them explain how and where it is grown in the state and why it is a healthy choice. Then, let the children sample and have them describe how it tastes
  • Develop a chart to keep a tally of how many servings of fruits and vegetables each student eats each day. After one month, plot the progress of the class. Offer rewards to students who have incorporated 5 a day into their diet
  • Have students write a paragraph describing why eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day is important for good health. Have them explain how they plan to fit 5/day into their daily plan and how they will convince their family to eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Have students to create healthy snacks with N.C. products ( use fruits and vegetables to make different designs such as animals, wheels and other objects ), then allow students to sample the snacks and discuss their role in a healthy diet.