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Goodness Grows
In North Carolina
Blueberry Quiz

Question 1:
Where were blueberries first planted in North Carolina?

(a) 1942
(b) 1936
(c) 1980
(d) 1973
(e) Don't know

Question 2:
When is National Blueberry Month?

(a) July
(b) May
(c) August
(d) December
(e) Don't know

Question 3:
How are most of North Carolina's blueberries sold?

(a) fresh
(b) frozen
(c) spoiled
(d) dried
(e) Don't know

Question 4:
Which county produces the most blueberries?

(a) Orange
(b) Wake
(c) Bladen
(d) Cabarrus
(e) Don't know

Question 5:
When is growing season for blueberries?

(a) October to December
(b) January to March
(c) April to June
(d) May to August
(e) Don't know

Question 6:
How are blueberries delivered?

(a) train
(b) horses
(c) refrigerated trucks
(d) bicycles
(e) Don't know

Question 7:
Blueberries have to have what kind of weather to leaf and fruit properly?

(a) sunny
(b) cold
(c) rainy
(d) dry
(e) Don't know

Question 8:
What is the name of the package blueberries come in?

(a) clamshells
(b) oysters
(c) bags
(d) sacks
(e) Don't know

Question 9:
Wat are the two varieties of blueberries?

(a) Beauregard and Ruby
(b) Rome and Macintosh
(c) Ornamental and Fruit
(d) Major Highbush and Rabbiteye
(e) Don't know

Question 10:
Blueberries are a good source for what?

(a) protein
(b) Vitamin C
(c) carbohydrates
(d) water
(e) Don't know

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