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About Ag's Cool

About AG's COOL......

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture (NCDA) is pleased to welcome you to the AG's COOL Website. Our goal is to bring current and specific agricultural information to the user. Information on all Goodness Grows In North Carolina products and commodities can be found and researched here.

Ever wonder why apples aren't grown near the ocean? Want to know how much tobacco is really grown in North Carolina? Want to know when North Carolina blueberries are season? Interested in finding out how farming has changed over the years? All these questions and more are answered within AG's COOL.

And as good as this website is now, we're making it even better! As new information arises and new statistical data is available, the site will automatically be updated. New features will be added to ensure accuracy, interest and interactivity among the site and its user. So make sure to bookmark AG's COOL to see agriculture in cyberspace.
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Design of AG's COOL.....

AG's COOL was designed with the teacher and student in mind. The NCDA followed a strict guideline when formulating the design of this website. Each section was based upon outlines so that each part was easily recognizable and facilitates use. Graphics were used wherever it would apply so that students would also be able to easily access the site.

Though the NCDA encourages the use of this website by any interested person, the total design of the site is focused around North Carolina's fourth grade curriculum. To ensure that most of the core curriculum guidelines were met, the NCDA had all parts of the website relating to the classroom approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). Sections of each commodity outline and Teacher Tips solidly follow fourth grade core curriculum objectives to guarantee that the website information would fit into teacher lesson plans and could be accessed as a supplemental guide.
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Commodities Section...

In this section each of North Carolina's commodities are represented. A click on one of the graphics or Association name will bring up a wealth of information on the commodity represented. Writing assignments have never been easier than with the format represented here.

Each commodity is based upon the same outline (crop and animal). Each outline contains information broken down into the same groups: Association Name, Commodity History, Regional Information, Production, Packaging, Shipping, Buying and Nutritional Information. This is done not only for ease in accessing information, but also for assigning reading and writing projects where teachers know that whichever commodity a student chooses to research, it will contain similar information based upon curriculum requirements.
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Teacher Tips....

Though the actual teaching experts are those in the classroom, the NCDA is proud to publish these Teacher Tips. Through telephone and personal interviews, NCDA specialists compiled the Tips from various fourth grade teachers, principals and superintendents from around the state. All Tips were then reviewed by the appropriate curriculum chief at NCDPI for matching activity with the curriculum goals and objectives.
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Resource List....

Need more information, but don't know who to contact? Want to schedule a field trip or invite a guest speaker to class? This is the place to check. Though this list is always growing and changing, you can bet the list found here is the most current and up-to-date available. All commodity associations, contacts and phone numbers are found here.
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And More....

AG's COOL also has kid-friendly activities to enjoy for that down-time between lessons or at home after school. Take a moment to see if you can conquer the games in Kids Korner or send an e-mail to another school across the state. This is the place to have fun and let imaginations soar.

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark AG's COOL and use it in your daily lesson plans and for those special projects. What easier and better way is there to learn about North Carolina's #1 industry--Agriculture!


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