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Agronomic Services — Nematode Assay Forms & Information

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Agronomic Reports
Find Your Nematode Assay Report [not pdf]

Report Cover Sheets
Understanding the Diagnostic Nematode Assay Report
Understanding the Nematode Assay Report

Boxes Sample boxes are not available by mail. Pick them up at your county Cooperative Extension office or at the Agronomic Division office in Raleigh.
Brochures Nematode Assay
Instructional Presentation Nematode Management
Nema Notes:

Note 1: Root-Knot Nematodes: Biocontrol with French Marigold
Note 2: Nematode Management in Soybeans (2-1 through 2-6)
Note 3: Root-Knot Nematodes on Tobacco (3-1 through 3-10)
Note 3–11: Lesion Nematodes on Tobacco
Note 4: Sampling Problems (4-1 through 4-3)
Note 5: Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes on Strawberry
Note 6: Nematode Problems in the Urban Landscape
Note 7–1: Nematode Parasites of Corn
Note 7–2: Nematode Parasites of Turf Grass
Note 7–3: Sting Nematodes
Note 8: The B Recommendation for This Field
Note 9: Root-Knot Nematodes on Irish Potatoes
Note 10: Nematode Problem Diagnosis (10-1 through 10-2)
Note 11: Nematode Management in Cotton
Note 12: Root-knot Nematodes on Vegetables
Note 13: Apple Nematodes in Western North Carolina
Note 14: Nematodes on Sweetpotato
Note 15: Nematode Management on Peach
Note 16: Nematode Management on Peanut
Note 17: Managing Root-knot Nematode Species
Note 18: Pinewood Nematode Sampling & Assay
Note 19: Soybean Cyst Nematode (Heterodera glycines) Distribution in North Carolina, USA
Note 20: List of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Found in North Carolina

Sample Information Forms
Print, Fill Out by Hand
& Submit via Mail
Routine samples (form AD-3) Updated
Continuation page for routine samples (form AD-3+)
Diagnostic (problem) samples (form AD-5) Updated
Continuation page for problem samples (form AD-5+)
Phytosanitary certification (form AD-14)
Sampling Instructions
& Protocols

Sampling for Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
Submitting Samples for Problem Diagnosis
Pine Wood Nematode Sampling and Assay Protocol
Instructions for Online Data Entry for Pinewood Samples
Instructions for Online Data Entry for Predictive Nematology Samples

Last Update March 4, 2020


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