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Agronomic Services — Our Publications

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Agronomic Reports
how to find and
interpret them

Search Agronomic Reports via PALS

Understanding Nematode Assay Reports
   —predictive/routine nematode reports
   —problem/diagnostic nematode reports

Understanding PWSM Reports
   —plant tissue report
   —plant tissue report for cotton
   —soilless media report
   —solution report
   —waste report

Understanding Soil Test Reports
   —detailed explanation
   —specifics for agricultural samples
   —specifics for home & garden samples
   —Crop Fertilization Based on N.C. Soil Tests (Feb 2014 revision)
         —entire book
         —chapter by chapter [not pdf]

Essential Plant Nutrients

NCDA&CS Waste and Compost Analysis Guide

Compost Use Guidelines for Gardens, Landscapes & Small Farms New!

Sample Information Forms
forms to print, fill out and submit via mail
Soil sample Information forms
      Commercial Grower Routine Soil Samples (form AD-1) updated!
      Diagnostic (problem) samples (form AD-2) updated!
      Soil samples for research (form AD-12)
      Soil samples for heavy metals analysis (form AD-13)
Homeowner soil samples (form AD-15)

Nematode assay sample information forms
      Routine samples (form AD-3) updated!
      Continuation page for routine samples
      Diagnostic (problem) samples (form AD-5) updated!
      Continuation page for problem samples
      Phytosanitary certification (form AD-14)

Plant/Waste/Solution/Media sample information forms
 Plant Tissue Sample Submission Form (Grower) updated!
 Plant Tissue Sample Submission Form (Research) updated!
 Waste or compost samples (form AD-9) updated!
      Source water or nutrient solution samples (form AD-7)
      Soilless media samples (form AD-8)

Cooperative Research Agreement (form AD-11)
— prerequisite for ALL samples submitted for research purposes
Agronomic Services
Christmas Tree Growers
Dairy Farmers
Grape Production
Nursery Industry
Turfgrass Management
services provided by
the Agronomic Division

Agronomic Services
Field Services
Nematode Assay
Plant Tissue Analysis
Soil Testing
Solution Analysis
Waste Analysis
Heavy Metals in N.C. Soils
Soil pH Measurement: A New Method to Address Fertilizer Salts

Crop Notes:
fertilization of
$ Note: Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients
Note 1: Tobacco
Note 2. (discontinued)
Note 3: Field Crops
Note 4: Lawns, Gardens and Ornamentals
Note 5: Christmas Trees
Note 6: Commercial Vegetable Crops
Note 7: Tomatoes Grown under Plasticulture
Note 8. (discontinued)
Note 9: Soil Analysis of Growth Substrates for Greenhouse Crops
Note 10. (discontinued)
Note 11: Nursery Crops—Container and Field
Note 12: Forage and Pasture Crops
Note 13. (discontinued)
Note 14: Golf and other Fine Turf
Note 15: Pecans and Miscellaneous Nuts and Fruits
Note 16: Apples
Note 17: Peaches
Note 18: Small Fruits
Hydroseeded Areas
Plasticulture Strawberries
Tobacco Transplant Float Beds
Tomato Production Fertilization Guide
Wildlife Food Plots
Instructional Presentations View Online
     Collecting Plant Tissue Samples
     Completing the Plant Sample Information Form
     Understanding the NCDA&CS Plant Analysis Report

Download & Save
     Collecting Plant Tissue Samples
     Completing the Plant Sample Information Form
     Understanding the NCDA&CS Plant Analysis Report

Nema Notes

Note 1: Root-Knot Nematodes: Biocontrol with French Marigold
Note 2: Nematode Management in Soybeans (2-1 through 2-6)
Note 3: Root-Knot Nematodes on Tobacco (3-1 through 3-10)
Note 3–11: Lesion Nematodes on Tobacco
Note 4: Sampling Problems (4-1 through 4-3)
Note 5: Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes on Strawberries
Note 6: Nematode Problems in the Urban Landscape
Note 7–1: Nematode Parasites of Corn
Note 7–2: Nematode Parasites of Turf Grass
Note 7–3: Sting Nematodes
Note 8: The B Recommendation for This Field
Note 9: Root-Knot Nematodes on Irish Potatoes
Note 10: Nematode Problem Diagnosis (10-1 through 10-2)
Note 11: Nematode Management in Cotton
Note 12: Root-knot Nematodes on Vegetables
Note 13: Apple Nematodes in Western North Carolina
Note 14: Nematodes on Sweetpotato
Note 15: Nematode Management on Peach
Note 16: Nematode Management on Peanut
Note 17: Managing Root-knot Nematode Species
Note 18: Pinewood Nematode Sampling & Assay
Note 19: Soybean Cyst Nematode (Heterodera glycines) Distribution in North Carolina, USA
Note 20: List of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Found in North Carolina

Plasticulture Training Materials Handouts from 2010 and 2011 workshops
sponsored by the N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission
Sampling Instructions

New! Print Bar-code Labels to Track Sample Arrival [not pdf]
Dairy Waste Sampling Guidelines
Pond Management
Soil Sampling Basics
Soil Sampling Home Lawns & Gardens (brochure)
Soil Sampling Home Lawns & Gardens (pictorial)
Soil Sampling Large Areas
Packing Soil Samples for Shipment
Submitting a Diagnostic Soil Sample with a Problem Plant Sample
Diagnosing Plant Growth Problems
Sampling for Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
Sampling for Plant Analysis
Procedures for Handling Plant Tissue Samples
Sampling for Waste Analysis
Sampling for Soilless Media Analysis
Sampling for Solution Analysis
Production Tools for Tobacco Growers: Solution and Plant Analyses
Harvesting Tobacco Based on Tissue Analysis
Strawberry Tissue Analysis
Tissue Sampling, Greenhouse Tomatoes
Pictorial Guide to Plant Tissue Sampling [not pdf]
Water & Media Testing for Nursery and Greenhouse Managers
Bulk Density Testing for Nursery and Greenhouse Managers

Tissue Sampling Handouts

Blackberry Raspberry Tissue Samplin Handout
Blueberry Tissue Sampling Handout
Corn Tissue Sampling Handout
Peach Tissue Sampling Handout
Pine Tissue Sampling Handout
Tobacco Tissue Sampling Handout
Turf Tissue Sampling Handout
Wheat Tissue Sampling Handout

Soil Fertility Notes Note 1: The Need for Soil Testing
Note 2: Moss
Note 3: Mending Brown Patch in Fescue Lawns
Note 4: Cool-Season Grasses
Note 5: Warm-Season Grasses
Note 6: Establishing a New Lawn
Note 7: Soil Acidity
Note 8: A Homeowner's Guide to Fertilizer
Note 9: Problems with Centipede Grass
Note 10: Fescue Lawn Care
Note 11: Applying Nitrogen
Note 12: Fertilizing with Organic Nutrients
Note 13: Clay Minerals: Importance & Function in Soils
Note 14: Topsoil
Note 15: Managing Bermudagrass Sprayfields
Note 16: Gearing up for Conservation Tillage
Note 17: Managing Crop Residue
Note 18: Lime
Southern Cooperative
Series Bulletin
Reference Sufficiency Ranges for Plant Analysis in the Southern Region of the United States

Last updated July 1, 2019


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