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Professional Development - Technical Specialist Training

Rules governing Approval of Technical Specialist, (02 NCAC 59G .0104) requires all designated technical specialist to complete six hours of training approved by the Commission during each three-year period.  On November 14, 2018, the SWCC approved policy for the three-year period of all current technical specialist to begin January 1, 2019.  The three-year period for any newly designated technical specialist by the SWCC will begin the following January 1.  Other policies for technical specialist training approved by the SWCC include:

  • Technical Specialists may obtain all six (6) training hours in a single calendar year.
  • Training hours in excess of six (6) hours may not be carried over to the subsequent three-year period.
  • Technical Specialists failing to meet training requirements will be presented to the SWCC at their January meeting for notice of rescinding designation(s).
  • Division staff will conduct a random audit of 10% of all Technical Specialists submitting training credits each year.  Technical Specialists subjected to an audit will be requested to furnish proof of attendance for training courses claimed for credit.
  • Division will issue an electronic certificate to Technical Specialists with name, registration number, designation(s), and three-year deadline date.  Re-issue certificate at the end of the three-year period with successful completion of the training requirement.

Technical specialist will be required to self-report their training course hours and maintain records of all training hours reported in the event you are selected for an annual audit.

Training Requirement Guidelines and FAQ

For Training Providers:

To have a training opportunity approved for credit hours, please fill out the form and provide training information HERE.

Approved Trainings for Technical Specialist:

Approved training events can be found HERE.

For Technical Specialist to report Training Hours:

To report training hours completed, please fill out the form HERE.  Technical Specialist will be REQUIRED to maintain records of all training hours they report, in the event you are selected for an annual audit.  Failure to supply these records in the event of an audit could result in the rescission of your designation. 

Technical Specialist Training Hours Earned and Needed:

A list of technical specialist and their hours earned and needed can be found HERE.  This information is provided as a service and is updated as often as possible.  Information is not immediately updated upon receipt of hours submitted.  We appreciate your patience as data is processed.    

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