Cost Share Programs - Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program (AgWRAP)

Best Management Practices

All PY2016 AgWRAP BMPs are elgible for use with your district allocation and all contracts require a conservation plan to be uploaded in CS2 prior to contract approval.

PDF DocumentAgricultural Water Supply/Reuse Pond 

Pond design tools

PDF DocumentAgricultural Pond Repair/Retrofit- REVISED

Previous Agricultural Pond Repair/Retrofit

PDF DocumentAgricultural Pond Sediment Removal- REVISED

Previous Agricultural Pond Sediment Removal

Pond sediment removal tools

PDF DocumentAgricultural Water Collection and Reuse System- REVISED

Previous Agricultural Water Collection and Reuse System

PDF DocumentBaseflow interceptor (streamside pickup)

BMP planning worksheet

PDF DocumentConservation Irrigation Conversion

PDF DocumentMicro-Irrigation System

PDF DocumentWater Supply Well - REVISED

Previous Version - Water Supply Well

State water supply well ranking questions- REQUIRED

How to calculate point values for state ranking questions for all well contracts



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