Soil & Water Conservation Commission

2015 Soil and Water Conservation Commission
2015 Soil & Water Conservation Commission members from left to right:  Vice-Chairman Craig Frazier, Charles Hughes, Chairman John Langdon, William Yarborough, Manly West, J. Ben Knox, and Tommy Houser (not pictured)

The seven-member Soil & Water Conservation Commission provides oversight, rules and policy for the state soil and water conservation programs. These programs are voluntary and emphasize a locally-led approach to improve and protect water quality and natural resources for a wide range of land uses. The commission is responsible for determining cost share allocations to the state's 96 conservation districts. In return, the local districts utilize these funds to provide financial and technical assistance to landowners to install best management practices on the landscape of North Carolina. The commission also has the responsibility and authority to appoint and remove soil and water conservation district supervisors.

2014-2015 Meeting Schedule, Notices & Deadlines


Commission Rules Review Reports Open for Public Comment

In accordance with 150B-21.3A(c)(1), the Commission’s rules review reports are now posted online and open for public comment.  The commenting period will close on March 31, 2015.  The public is invited to review the reports HERE.

BackgroundAs a rule making authority, the Commission is required to periodically review its rules.  Through this review, the Commission must classify each rule as: 1)“Necessary with substantive public interest," meaning the rule is needed but there are known or suspected concerns about it from the public; 2)“Necessary without substantive public interest,” meaning the rule is needed and there are no known concerns from the public; or 3)“Unnecessary,” meaning the rule is no longer needed.  For more information about the rules review process and these classifications click HERE.

At its November 19, 2014 meeting, the Commission initiated review of the following rules:

  • 02 NCAC 59A: Organization and Operation
  • 02 NCAC 59B: District Programs: Reorganization and Expenses
  • 02 NCAC 59C: Small Watershed Program
  • 02 NCAC 59E: Procedures and Guidelines to Implement the Nondischarge Rule for Animal Waste Management Systems
  • 02 NCAC 59F: Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) - State Portion of the Program
  • 02 NCAC 59G: Approval of Technical Specialists and BMPs for Water Quality Protection


The Commission's written comments on the proposed definition of "Waters of the United States" under the Clean Water Act HERE



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