SWC Commission - CCAP Advisory Committee

The Community Conservation Assistance Program Advisory Committee (CAC) provides technical and programmatic recommendations to the Commission on best management practices (BMPs) and assists the Nonpoint Source Pollution Section in developing average costs for the Cost Share Program. The CAC meets quarterly. 

District involvement and participation are very important to the CAC, and the CAC often solicits input by the districts on various issues, including types of BMPs, BMP specifications and average costs. Supervisors, district employees and partnership staff have a standing invitation to attend CAC meetings and participate in the discussions.
The CAC membership currently consists of:
  1. Division of Soil and Water Conservation representative
  2. North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts representative.
  3. North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service representative
  4. North Carolina Association of County Commissioners representative
  5. North Carolina League of Municipalities representative
  6. Natural Resources Conservation Service representative
  7. Wildlife Resources Commission representative
  8. North Carolina Conservation District Employees Association representative
  9. North Carolina Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils representative
  10. Division of Water Quality representative
  11. Division of Forest Resources representative
  12. Division of Land Resources representative
  13. Division of Coastal Management representative
  14. Division of Water Resources representative
  15. Carolinas Land Improvement Contractors Association representative

Next Meeting

Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 9:30am: 4th floor conference room, Archdale Building, Raleigh

PDF DocumentAgenda

III.b.  Detailed implementation plan

V. Permeable Pavement BMP

VI. Job Approval Authority


VII. BMP Standard

IX. Wildlife Resources Commission: Green Growth Toolbox                                                        

Teleconference: (919)420-1374

Webinar: https://ncag.adobeconnect.com/ccap/

Meeting Minutes

Draft May 2014 Meeting minutes

Permeable pavement revision

CCAP Allocation Workgroup Recommendations

CCAP encumbrance data

CCAP expenditure data

CCAP survey responses

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