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Summary of Pesticide Record Keeping Requirements For Growers and Applicators
Required Items USDA Requirements for Private & Commercial Applicators (Restricted Use Pesticides) NCPL Requirements for Commercial Applicators & Public Operators (Restricted Use Pesticides) NCPL Requirements for Aerial Applicators (All Pesticides) Federal & State Requirements for Agricultural Employers (WPS*) (Agricultural Use Pesticides)
Brand Name/
Product Name
EPA Reg. No.
Total Amount of Pesticide Used
Amount/unit of measure(e.g acre)

Amount of formulated product or active ingredient/acre Plus amount of tank mix/acre
Date of Application
& Time of application

& Time of application
Description/Location of Treated Area
Crop, Commodity, or Stored Product _
Size of Area Treated
Name & Address of Property Owner or Operator _
Name of Applicator _
Name of Licensee
or name of supervisor

Name of contractor & signature of record keeper
Certification No. _  _  _
Active Ingredients  _ _  _
Restricted Entry Interval  _ _  _
Record Must Be... Kept 2 years & completed within 14 days of application Kept 3 years Kept 3 years & completed within 72 hours after application Kept 30 days after the REI expiration & completed prior to application

     * The Federal Worker Protection Standard has been adopted by reference by the NC Pesticide Board.  This standard requires that pesticide information be posted in a central location on an agricultural establishment.



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