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Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions

Civil Penalties - 2013

African Market 2-18-13 View PDF
Dickie's Half Price Foods 5-28-13 View PDF
El Milagro 5-29-13 View PDF
Protein Chews 9-18-13 View PDF
Robert E. Lyons 11-6-13 View PDF

Notices of Warning - 2013

Mini Shop Meats
Eric Lee Proctor
Mekong Oriental Market
McCombs and Company
Cozart's Fruit & Produce
Fruteria El Pariso
Smokey's Shack
Kings Highway Produce Market 3-4-13 View PDF
D&H Tofu 3-4-13 View PDF
Pan Market 3-18-13 View PDF
Lein Nguyn 3-18-13 View PDF
Saigon Market 3-18-13 View PDF
Rincon Hispano 4-15-13 View PDF
Farm Brew 4-15-13 View PDF
Nile Asians Food 5-9-13 View PDF
Brake's Store 5-17-13 View PDF
Taqueria Maranatha 5-17-13 View PDF
What's Your Beef 5-20-13 View PDF
Mel's NC Turkey BBQ 5-29-13 View PDF
Neomonde Bakery & Deli 6-5-13 View PDF
El Mariachi Gordo 6-13-13 View PDF
William D. Pope 6-20-13 View PDF
J&L Distributors 6-21-13 View PDF
Jerkin' Around 6-21-13 View PDF
Leroy's Pork Skins 7-1-13 View PDF
Greene's Trading Post 7-1-13 View PDF
A&K Asian Market 7-24-13 View PDF
Chadborne Meat Market 7-24-13 View PDF
Emerald Isle Wine Market 7-24-13 View PDF
Beaufort Grocery Company 8-7-13 View PDF
Roberts Market 8-7-13 View PDF
Jorge Yanez 9-11-13 View PDF
Ronnie Wetzier 9-11-13 View PDF
Hatoya Market 9-25-13 View PDF
Gapo International Market 10-2-13 View PDF
La Nueva Guadalopanal 10-3-13 View PDF
Lettus Carry 10-23-13 View PDF
Al Iman Market 11-6-13 View PDF
El Baraka Halal Meats 11-6-13 View PDF
Haddock Orchard 11-6-13 View PDF
Eaton's Customized Meat Service 11-15-13 View PDF
S & S Halal Meats 11-18-13 View PDF
Alexandria Int'l Wholesale Trading, Inc. 12-11-13 View PDF
Chaudhry Halal Meats 12-11-13 View PDF

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2011
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2012


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