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NCDA&CS Hay Alert

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Attention Hay Sellers

Some HayAlert advertisers have informed the NCDA&CS of a possible scam that involves the scammer sending a fake cashier's check, made out for several thousand dollars more than the agreed upon selling price. Then they claim they made a mistake and ask that you wire the difference back to them.

The victim deposits the check, the bank credits their account, they assume the check has cleared and wire the requested funds, the check bounces, and the bank reduces their account by the wired amount, sometimes cleaning the account out and leaving a negative balance.

Some ways to spot these scams: They usually have multiple misspellings, poor grammar and typically look like form letters. They will typically send a 'check' to you and pressure you to deposit it quickly and send them their refund. They most often originate overseas, but may have an accomplice here in the US.

Welcome to the Hay Alert section of the NCDA&CS Web Site.

Please do not submit multiple ads!
Please COMBINE ads for different types of forage into ONE ad.
Ads will only be listed for one year.

Only one ad per seller will be accepted at one time.
Only the last ad submitted will be approved if more than one ad is submitted at a time.

Hay Alert Submission Form

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