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How to Reduce the Potential Spread of Plant Pests in Hay and Other Fodder

The NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division regulates, through quarantines, the movement of agricultural or related items capable of spreading harmful insects, diseases, weeds and other plant pests. Growers may be required to secure a permit or certificate for the movement of hay, straw, fodder or plant litter of any kind moving interstate or intrastate. Articles being moved in violation of a plant pest quarantine may be subject to destruction or returned to shipper. For a full list of regulated/quarantined articles or to obtain a certificate or permit, please contact the Plant Industry Division at 1-800-206-9333.

Baled Hay and the Imported Fire Ant: If you buy, sell or produce baled hay, check out USDA’s new fact sheet titled “Questions and Answers: Moving Baled Hay From Areas Under Quarantine for Imported Fire Ant.” This publication contains useful information for farmers, ranchers, hay growers and suppliers as they respond to recent wildfires in Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma and find critical feed sources for livestock. Its goal is to help support commerce and the movement of hay while guarding against the further spread of the imported fire ant. Learn more at

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